Friday, July 21, 2017


I started this three years ago when I almost tired of doing anything.  I was having everything but I found myself as a failed man.  I had found some good books;

1. Power of your subconscious mind.
2. The Secret
3. Wings of Fire.

Those books gave me a overview of how should I lead my life to a good life.  However after sometime I found lot of happiness even I find myself in a thirst of something.  Than I met Mr. K.L Dhawan he said you must listen OSHO. He also told me that I should do meditation. I asked lot of questions to him and suspected that this will be useless.

However I started meditation for 10-15 minutes.  I didn't know this will work so fantastically that I started it and I went into it.  Gradually I was leaving my body to this existence and found ultimate peace inside. 

There was some technique also being told by Mr. Dhawan but now I can say the only technique is:

1.  Watch your breathe so that you may leave your thoughts innitially.
2.   leave yourself to this existence.    
3.   Free yourself to all your beliefs

Than something happened. What happened I can't describe here you may call it enlightenment or self awareness or anything.  I can say I have seen the creator of this existence but I saw it when I was not there.  These talks are very bizarre as one can not understand unless he experience it.

For those who are searching God my only suggestion is get yourself free from all beliefs Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc.. 

God is ultimate freedom so first free yourself from all kind of beliefs.   Mankind has potential to be God himself (he himself is God). The only need is to know yourself.




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