Friday, May 6, 2016


Thank you God for giving me such a powerful wisdom of transformation.. 

It had been year of painful time..

I was searching for something and finally you blessed your shower on me...

It was last year when I was in Himachal Pradesh for my work. I met with a nice person called Mr. KL Dhawan. Such a  spritual personality he is, he thought  me Reki first than he advised me to read books, in fact he gave me a nice book called power of your subconscious mind (The starting of my transformation).

It was the time when I started changing from inside. Gradually there was a time when I use to read atlease a book in 24hrs.  

After reading lot of good books on life, spirituality, powers and science I got the series of CDs of  Osho. This was the final hit in my consciousness.

It was the time when I started meditation and things got changed in outer-world too.


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