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Researcher of the world discovered what about Planet X

Noted Researchers

Zacharia Sitchin "That Mankind's progression from Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) to Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) to Neolithic (New Stone Age) and then the great Sumerian civilization, had occurred in intervals of about 3600 years is a fact. That Anu visited Earth, approved the grant of civilization (knowledge, science, technology) to Mankind is certain. But as I have tried to explain in my recent Seminars (though not yet in a full length book), the visits to Earth and the nearing (at what is called perihelion) of Nibiru do NOT coincide. This is a point of immense significance, which those who have only read my first book somehow ignore." - Sitchin

Immanuel Velikovsky: "In the fields of archaeology, geology, and astronomy the last few years have brought a vast array of facts to corroborate the claims that there were physical upheavals of a global character in historical times; that these catastrophes were caused by extraterrestrial agents; and that the nature of these agents may be identified. The memory of the cataclysms was erased, not because of lack of written traditions, but because of some characteristic process that later caused entire nations, together with their literate men, to read into these traditions allegories or metaphors where actually cosmic disturbances were clearly described." - Immanuel Velikovsky

Dr. Robert Harrington: Dr. Robert S. Harrington, former chief of the Equatorial Division of the Astrometry Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory, , calculated several parameters of Planet X and its orbit. Harrington started from the perturbatians in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, knowing that Pluto could not be responsible for them. The observations he used were supplied by the Nautical Almanac Office of the US Naval Observatory and go back as far as 1833 for Uranus and 1846 for Neptune. Harrington Paper

Albert Einstein: Concluding 'one of the least-known correspondences of the history of science', in January 1955, only months before his death, Einstein remarked that: "A great many empirical data indicate that at each point of the earth's surface that has been carefully studied, many climatic changes have taken place, apparently quite suddenly. This is explicable if the virtually rigid outer crust of the earth undergoes, from time to time, extensive displacement ..." Albert Einstein

Professor John J. Matese: In 1999, U.K. and U.S. astronomers independently reported finding evidence that a large planet or brown dwarf gravitationally bound to the Sun may be perturbing the orbits of long-period comets at the outer reaches of the Oort Cloud into the inner Solar System with the assistance of galactic tidal forces. The U.S. team was led by Professor John J. Matese, Professor of Physics University of Louisiana at Lafayette. ABC News Article

Father Malachi Martin: "Knowledge of what is going on in space and of what is approaching us could be of great import in next 5 - 10 years." This statement was made by the late Father Malachi Martin in response to a question pertaining to the purpose of the Vatican owned Mount Graham International Observatory. From 1958 to 1964 he served in Rome, where he was a close associate of the Pope. Father Malachi Martin passed away in 1999. Audio Clip

Charles Hapgood: In 1958 Charles Hapgood suggested that the Earth's crust had undergone repeated displacements and that the geological concepts of continental drift and sea-floor spreading owed their secondary livelihoods to the primary nature of crustal shift. According to Hapgood, crustal shift was made possible by a layer of liquid rock situated beneath the surface of the planet. A pole shift would thus displace the Earth's crust in around the inner mantle, resulting in crustal rock's being exposed to magnetic fields of a different direction. Earth Crust Displacement

Looking down on the current North Pole, we can identify at least 3 previous positions of the pole, according to Hapgood. These are shown roughly by the numbered red dots on the globe.
Position #1 - Yukon area of North America moving east.Position #2 - Greenland Sea moving south-west.Position #3 - Hudson Bay area moving to its present location.

John Murray: According to UK astronomer, Dr. John Murray, there seems to be a huge, massive planet in the midst of the Oort cloud, which is "shepherding" the comets. If he's right, the planet would be incredibly far from Earth, which would explain how it could have eluded most astronomers for so long. Murray also says Planet X orbits in the opposite direction to the other planets, suggesting it was captured from outside the solar system at some time and could even be a brown dwarf star. BBC Article

Catastrophes of global proportions, not witnessed in the two millennia of our own age, took place even in recorded history. These were not isolated disasters in different parts of the world, but global geological events felt world wide. Many cultures describe the events, their sequence and outcome, in the same way. The catastrophe is recorded in religious traditions, superstitions and the great works of almost every significant culture but remains mostly unacknowledged by the sciences of our own day. 3600 Year Pattern

Edgar Cayce: Besides tales of the lost sunken city of Atlantis, Edgar Cayce is best known for his predictions regarding coming earth changes. Among other things, Cayce warned of a pole shift who's process would start in 2001-2002. "If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes." - Cayce Predictions

Plato: If we are to look into the myths of catastrophism throughout the world, the story is often strangely similar. Of all the keepers of ancient knowledge Egypt and Greece are the best known. In Plato's two last books, Critias and Timaeus, Plato records the story heard by Solon, the great Athenian law-giver. On his visit to Egypt, Solon questioned the priests on early history. He told them what his people knew about the Flood. One of them, an elderly priest known as Sonchis of Sais spoke up and mocked Solon and his city-state's ignorance of the ancient past. Sonchis explained the following:
"There have been and there will be many and divers destructions of mankind, of which the greatest are fire and water, and lesser ones by countless other means. For in truth the story that is told in your country as well as ours, how once upon a time Phaethon, son of Helios, yoked his father's chariot, and, because he was unable to drive it along the course taken by his father, burnt up all that was upon the earth and himself perished by a thunderbolt - that story, as it is told, has a fashion of a legend, but the truth of it lies in the occurrence of a shifting of the bodies in the heavens which move around the earth, and a destruction of the things on the earth by fierce fire, which recurs at long intervals."

"You remember only one deluge, though there have been many..You and your fellow citizens are descended from the few survivors that remained, but you know nothing about it because so many succeeding generations left no record in writing .the change in the rising and setting of the sun and the other heavenly bodies, how in those times they used to set in the quarter where they now rise, and used to rise where they now set... Of all the changes which take place in the heavens this reversal is the greatest and most complete ..There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives."

Charles Darwin: Charles Darwin, who denied the occurrence of continental catastrophes in the past, in a letter to Sir Henry Howorth admitted that the extinction of mammoths in Siberia was for him an insoluble problem. J.D. Dana, the leading American geologist of the second half of the last century, wrote: "The encasing in ice of huge elephants, and the perfect preservation of the flesh, shows that the cold finally became suddenly extreme, as of a single winter's night, and knew no relenting afterward." In the stomachs and between the teeth of the mammoths were found plants and grasses that do not grow now in northern Siberia. "The contents of the stomachs have been carefully examined; they showed the undigested food ... which was a proof of a sudden death."

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